Where to Get New PLR and Resale Rights Products Every Month

For the overworked blogger who struggles to come up with unique, engaging content each month, PLR can seem like the answer to a prayer. After all, it’s ready-made content you can claim as yours, right? Unfortunately, it’s not that simple. Although the best monthly PLR membership sites can help you develop your blogs, websites and social media pages, it’s not a ready-made solution. Here, you will learn what PLR is, what it can do for you, and how you can get content with resell rights weekly.


The Basics of PLR: What You Need to Know

If you’re just learning the ropes of internet marketing, PLR is another term for private label rights. When you buy content from PLR Assassin or any of the top PLR membership sites, you’re not just getting text—you’re also paying for the right to use the content and claim it as your own. PLR can be used in blog posts, converted to a YouTube video, or integrated into an autoresponder series. The best PLR content can be a wonderful resource if it’s used correctly, and if you get it often enough to keep your sites updated.


Finding the Best Content

If you want to be an effective user of IDPLR (and if you’re reading this, you probably do!) you can’t just use the same article packs that have been making the rounds for years. There’s a reason you can get these packs for a steal—it’s because they usually aren’t worth the storage space they’re consuming! By finding a good membership site, you’ll always have access to the freshest, most up-to-date content as it comes out. The content you buy should be:

  • Up to date
  • Written by an industry expert
  • Only sold a limited number of times/limited licensing

If you stick to these criteria, you should be able to find great content every week—but you’ll still need to learn how to use it effectively.

Making the “Good” Great

As an honest online business owner, you shouldn’t look at PLR content as a copy-and-paste solution to your problems. Even if you think that duplicate content penalties are an urban legend, you should remember that your goal is to provide something of value to your audience. By getting current content every week or even every month, you can cement your status as an industry expert.

Instead of rewriting each piece of PLR content individually, you can use it as a starting point for the creation of your own unique articles, reports and eBooks. Good authors write content based on profitable keywords and the info that you’re looking for. Use their insight and their content as a research source, and write your niche blog posts based on that information.

To be successful, you shouldn’t view PLR as a source of posts for your blog. By combining several articles, you can form a report that you can give away as a bonus, or include it in an email autoresponder that increases your site signups. Even if you get content every week, you’ll still have to rewrite it—but it’s still less expensive than writing everything from scratch.



Reasons You Should be Very Picky When Choosing a PLR Site

PLR content, sometimes called resale rights or white label content, is that which is usually sold to webmasters and internet marketers. Unlike article marketing or CC license sites, with PLR sites, you get nearly all rights to the work such as attribution and resale. Depending on the license being bought, when you buy from the best PLR sites, you can modify the content as you see fit before putting your name on it and putting it up for sale. However, there are many reasons that PLR can be risky. Below are some of the reasons you should be picky when choosing the best PLR sites


Concerns Over Plagiarism

Few sites create the PLR article packs they sell. Rather, they use ghostwriters, or they buy the resale rights from others. Even if you make every effort to sniff out plagiarism, there aren’t many ways to completely reassure yourself and your customers that work is duplication-free. Works can be copies that escape detection, they can be from content that hasn’t been published yet, or it could be that it’s been resold so many times that it’s impossible to find the original creator. If a work infringes on someone’s copyright, and you put your name on it—you’ll be the one getting the nasty letter from a lawyer. When choosing articles for your PLR niche blogs, be selective and be diligent about plagiarism detection.


Duplicate Content

Nearly all PLR sites sell content over and over to more than one party. If that content is published more than once, Google will know—and most other versions of the work will treated as duplicates, while those sites will be penalized. If the duplicate content is outside of Google’s purview, such as being included in an eBook or in a members-only area, it can still create issues when visitors and customers find out that it’s been published elsewhere. When choosing a PLR site, pick one that limits the number of licenses sold per article pack.


Article Quality

Many of the top PLR sites sell eBooks, reports and articles in packs that are bought sight unseen. This “blind date” prevents buyers from knowing what type of quality they’re getting, and many times, what they get isn’t so great. When choosing from good PLR sites, choose one that allows you to preview the content before you buy.

Using PLR Can Be Risky

If you do decide to buy content from a PLR sites list, you should do so with an awareness of the chances you’re taking. Below are some things you can do to make the proposition less risky.


  • Check it for plagiarism. Using Plagium, Copyscape or another service, check your PLR content to see where else it’s been posted. It can be hard to do with good PLR content, but it will tell you how many times it’s been used before.
  • Use it as a source to create new content. If you look at content from the best PLR sites as pieces you’ll have to rewrite, or as ideas that can form the basis of new posts, it may be useful.
  • Buy from one of the top PLR sites. When you’re on the hunt for new PLR content, do some research before making a decision. After all, when you buy PLR, you’re risking more than just buying poor quality content.

Those who have the most success with PLR are usually less than ethical. With copyright infringement becoming more of a risk, most site owners find it simpler and cheaper to spend on PLR that can be run through a content spinner. If you want high-quality content that can be sold as an eBook or put on a blog, you’ll need to hire a ghostwriter—or you’ll need to be really, really picky when buying your PLR.