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Mary Jane shoe

Mary Jane shoe

Mary Jane shoe
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The prettiest baby shoe, with optimized comfort and durability, in a fashionable Mary Jane style. Your little princess will love these dancing shoes in a unique Metallic Pink, they shine, just like a star. Imported from the USA. These funky, hip styling, soft soles and elastic ankles combined, make these some of the most stylish and functional baby footwear available. Velcro fastener on strap. See all the features of these new to our store shoes. You will be impressed and your kids will definately be the best dressed! Available in sizes from baby to toddler. Large size has a rubber sole for the more experienced walker. Team them with some of our other great girls clothes. NOW ONLY AVAILABLE IN SIZE LARGE (12 - 18M)
small 11.5cm
medium 13cm
large 14.5cm
Features Benefits
Elastic Ankle with Non-slip Lining Shoes have an elastic ankle that is designed to keep the shoes on without causing any discomfort to the child. There is also a reversed leather ankle lining to help the shoes stay put even with the feistiest little feet. The ankle lining has no colour, so colour transfer is prevented
Full Cotton Lining Our shoes are fully lined with 100% cotton fabric. The lining eliminates exposure to most of the seams inside the shoe, while creating a moisture absorbing layer between the foot and the leather.
Nylon Heel Pull A durable Nylon heel pull with reinforced stitching, used to aid in getting the shoes on an off easily.
Durable non slip Sole The shoes feature a non-slip durable sole helpful for children first learning to walk. Large size has a rubber sole.
Lightly cushioned Footbed Located between the sole and the lining is a thin, light weight cushion that provides extra comfort while not deterring from the benefits of the soft sole.
Footbed feature Inside the shoes you will notice a foam insert that says "remove before wear" The insert is used to help retain the shape of the shoe during shipping, but can also be used to provide extra cushion for more experienced walkers by placing the insert under the footbed.
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